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  Prospective Visitors:
Please contact Membership Secretary  

Please do not send post to our club house at Bramfield Road

Committee Members
Club President Competition Secretary Club Secretary Technical Officer Membership Secretary


Robert Ruggles Alison Mansfield Mal Gwynne Dave Mansfield Lorraine Madley

Phil Capeling

Section Heads


Richard Balckshire Paul Burt Dan Sutton
  Kevin Turner Brian Tyndall Bob Truett
FT Dave Mansfield Mal Gwynne  
Pistols Ray Kimber John Wheeler John Finnerty
  Earl Lange    
IPAS Phil Capeling Keith Hickson  

Safety Officer Team

Head of Safety 


Mal Gwynne






Safety Officers   Alison Mansfield Loraine Madley Phil Capeling Clive Madley Dave Mansfield  
    John Finnerty Paul Burt Lou Vetere Bob Baldwin Bryan Smith  



Ray Kimber

Len Wilcox














Club Coach (  BASC registered )

  Lou Vetere        

First Aiders

Clive Madley   Lorraine Madley   Mal Gwynne   John Finnerty      
Alex Mitchell                  
    In the event  there is no first aider available on site contact  A & E department at Harlow or Lister Hospital Stevenage.      

Member Representatives

Members Rep & DBS Officer Members Rep Members Rep Members Rep Junior Members Rep  
Clive Madley VACANCY Lou Vetere Lorraine Madley Henry Robertson