Lea Valley Air Gun Club is considered by many to be the UKs premier air gun shooting club and with a membership of around 150 it is certainly one of the most popular. Some of our members travel considerable distances to attend on Saturdays and enjoy the clubs great facilities which we share with the Lea Valley Shooting Association.

We are very fortunate in having several specially constructed ranges available which means that we are able to cater for a wide range of air gun shooting disciplines. We have monthly hunter field target (HFT) competitions (both for rifle and pistol), Supported rifle, and increasingly popular "vintage" competition. Probationary members and visitors from  other clubs are always welcome to compete.

Some members enjoy shooting competitively, and the club has a small team that take part in the nationwide UKAHFT series with a reasonable level of success. In fact, we have at various times held the team, senior, recoiling and junior titles. In addition, our pistol section has a group of shooters that compete in iron plate action shooting (IPAS) at national level.

As we share our grounds with the Lea Valley Shooting Association you will also hear and see people clay target shooting. Some of our members are also members of the LVSA and are always happy  to  talk to you with regards to clay shooting. For further information you can  always ask Alex if he is in his office at the side of the clubhouse or visit the LVSA website.

First and foremost, Lea Valley is a fun place to shoot, whether its air gun target or clay target  and a great place to meet like minded people.


Prospective New Members and Visitors To The Club - Important Notice

If you are interested in coming to visit us for the day, either as a one off visit or as a prospective member or regular visitor you must first have contacted us through the following email address :-

Via Email Please be patient as we endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

It is important to stress that we cannot organise a tour of the club site unless you have contacted us first via email. We will allocate a Saturday by which you can come and visit us for the first time.

On your first visit, a safety briefing and a quick tour with one of our experienced Safety Officers will take place, you will  need to also fill out one of our Visitor form.   Click Here. You also need to bring with you some form of photo ID (see further below).

We always welcome new shooters to the club but we are usually very busy. Therefore we ask those visitors who are attending the club for the first time to ensure that they arrive at the club on the agreed date and time as specified in the email from the club secretary.

Providing we have safety officers available we will run one briefing/tour sessions every Saturday. These usually take about 30 minutes and will run from 1:30 pm.  The first visit covers the Induction and the necessary paperwork and will give you a little time to shoot before the ranges need to be closed. Due to the limited time for shooting the Induction Visit is free of charge.

IMPORTANT: First time visitors are required to bring along photo identification and proof of address. This should be in the form of a passport or drivers licence and a utility bill, but a shotgun or fire arms certificate would suffice, if one is held. Additionally, anyone wishing to become a member will be required to complete 4 attendances at the club as a visitor prior to any application being considered.

Please be advised that if you do not contact us first and arrive outside of the times above we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use the facilities.



The club is affiliated to the following organisations:

Opening Times

The club operates throughout the year and is open from 9:00am to 4.00pm every Saturday and often longer during the summer months. Normally ranges close at As we are a club run by  members and volunteers please help to put the targets away at  the end of the day. Your help is always required and appreciated.


Club House

Our heated clubhouse has seating for in excess of 60 people, and also has flushing ladies and gents toilets. A range of reasonably priced hot food is freshly prepared until 1:00pm and sometimes later. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are also available throughout the day, see the menu for prices. On the counter you will also  see a collection box to help our current charity: Help for Heroes. Any spare change is gratefully accepted.

Its a great place to sit & chat, read the notice board, a magazine or just have a quick warm-up during the winter months.


Site Plan



The club uses ranges that form part of the Lea Valley Shooting Association (LVSA) grounds, which stretch over 22 acres. The ranges are separated by 20ft high banking that provides a safe environment for a variety of air gun shooting disciplines. Shooting points are covered and have concrete floors, providing some protection from the elements. In addition, we also rent an additional area of woodland from the neighbouring farmer.

Range 1 is the venue for our regular club competitions and when no competition is scheduled, can be used for informal practice sessions

Range 2 is designated as our plinking range, with a large selection of reactive targets set out at ranges up to 60 yards
Range 3 is used as a zeroing range, where shooters use paper targets to ensure that their rig is set up correctly

Range 4 is used by pistol shooters for a wide range of activities and it is not unusual to see a set of IPAS speed plates, a small practical pistol stage and a range of plinking targets in use. All types of air pistol, including Brococks (provided a valid FAC is held), spring, pre-charged pneumatics and CO2 are used

The woods are utilised for competitions only and when used in conjunction with the open ranges, enable us to set extremely diverse courses. This is a particularly attractive area and never more so than when the blue bells are in bloom in April/May.

Car Parking


The car park has a capacity of 200 and remains well drained and firm in all weather conditions, with no fear of getting stuck in mud!

Please be aware we have a 10MPH speed limit in the car park.


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